Session Journal
You may be asking 'why' I wish you to fill in this Sessions Journal. Simple: By filling in a journal, it provides a clear focus on your training needs and personal growth. It allows you to become more mindful of your thoughts, emotions and experiences after a session. it helps overcome barriers, worries and insecurities provides both of us with an understanding of direction.
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What are your needs, wants, desires, strengths and weaknesses within BDSM?
THIS PART is about you as a submissive IN GENERAL. You need to be very aware of the differences between EACH of the above.
Your NEEDS as a submissive
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Your WANTS as a submissive
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Your DESIRES as a submissive
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Your STRENGTHS as a submissive
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Your WEAKNESSES as a submissive
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Post Session Journal.
What were your THOUGHTS after your session?
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What were your EMOTIONS, FEELINGS after your session.
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