Coach Kelly's "X-factor" Baseline Quiz
Does your LinkedIn profile have the following:
I possess an advanced degree or certification in my field (such as a Ph.D., J.D., etc.).
I have name brand, recognizable affiliations in my bio that people have heard of (such as Fortune 500 companies, Academic Institutions, well-known industry associations/membership organizations)
I’ve won an award, or awards, that are considered important in my field.
I have written for publications that are well known in my field.
I regularly attend networking/conference events in my industry and do the following:
I have been considered for a promotion:
My company has a high potential/leadership program that I am a part of.
I’ve been asked to take on a leadership role in community, charitable, or professional associations.
People in my network all know each other.
I have a "Strategic Network" that helps my career progression.
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