VOMA - Public Show Rental Request
Please use this form to start the venue rental request process. A VOMA representative will get back to you to confirm your requested date, and send you a contract that you can complete and return with your down payment.
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Helpful information
Some information that may be helpful:
- All events need to be concluded no later than 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, or 11 pm on Friday and Saturday, and the building to be evacuated no more than one (1) hour later. If either of these stipulations are not met, the renter agrees to forfeit thirty ($30) dollars for each quarter hour the agreement is breached.
- Rectangle or square café tables and folding chairs are provided with basic rental. Additional seating options are available for an additional cost. Please request options and pricing.
- The Renter agrees they will be wholly responsible for the guests in attendance, for any property damage and any property missing from the premises. A security deposit of $100 may be assessed for hall rentals and will be applied toward remaining invoice balance at conclusion of the event.
- A $50 per hour surcharge will be invoiced for hours that exceed those agreed upon.
- Venue is available seven days a week on a first-come, first-book policy. Availability is determined via the online calendar at www.thevoma.com or confirmed via an official VOMA representative. A down payment and completed agreement secures your rental date.
- The hall is not handicap accessible.
- Restrooms are located on the lower level.

- Alcohol may be brought into or onto grounds and served, but no money can be charged for the alcohol or service unless a PLCB special occasion permit is secured by a licensed provider 30 days in advance of the event. The renter will take full responsibility for alcohol distribution and use in accordance to PLCB laws. For events open to the public, adults 21+ must be identified at the door and given a white band to consume alcoholic beverages.

- Coordination for other additional service requests will be established between Renter and VOMA at the time of agreement and will be billed accordingly (i.e. use of VOMA sound system).
Band / Public Show Rental Parameters
In addition to the basic rental agreement details , the following items all fall under the responsibility of the Renter. Please do your best to promote your event in order to make it a success!

1. The renter will book headlining artist and supporting acts. If you need suggestions for area performers who would be a good fit for your show or event, please ask for suggestions.

2. The renter will be responsible for any payment guarantees that are made with any performers.

3. The renter will determine the show time and admission cost.

4. The renter will design all promotional materials, to include flyer art.

5. The renter will be responsible for distributing promotional materials. We recommend hanging flyers around town at least 2 weeks before your event.

6. The renter will create a Facebook Event for the show and send out invites to the event. Please email voma.booking@gmail.com with a link to your Facebook Event, so that we can include a link on the VOMA website calendar.

7. The renter will be responsible for sending out press releases for their event, if so desired.

8. The renter will be contact all bands in advance of the show to confirm the date and time.

9. If using the VOMA sound system, the renter will include this information on the rental agreement. If providing their own sound system, the renter will be responsible for arranging the load-in, setup, use, and load-out of a sound system.

10. The renter will be responsible for paying performers at the end of the night.

11. The renter is responsible for cleaning up after the show. The facility used should be left as it was found.
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