For those of us still living exclusively in an analog world, here is a written questionnaire to fill out--add extra pages if necessary. But if you want to record your answers, musings, or rants on your cell phone, send them to us and we’ll post those too. Both photos and videos are welcome. Forward all to:
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Do anything interesting in the past 50-odd years?
Anything to say about your years at Cowell? Change your life? Start your life? Wreck your life? What did you learn?
Any words of wisdom for today's Cowell Students?
Coming to the 2021 50-year reunion? *
Whether virtual or in person, what (or who) would you like to see/hear/do at the reunion?
For anyone wanting to relive the bracing experience of our freshman year World Civ comprehensive exam, answer the following:
"The Athenian Pandemic of 430 BC killed Pericles and contributed to the collapse of Athens. Compare and contrast to present day events."
Suggested reunion reading: Volume 1 Seeds of Something Different: An Oral History of the University of California Santa Cruz. (Regrettably, this will not help you with the question -- for that sort of help, re-read Thucydides)
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