Del Norte Jr/Sr High School 2020-2021 Learning Options Survey
Please use the following form to select a learning option for your child/children for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please use the following link to access the Fall 2020 Start of School Plan.

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Option 1: In-Person School
The in-person learning option will be as close to “normal” as allowable. As you know, rules and regulations change by the day. Upper Rio Grande will follow State regulations regarding required safety measures when opening school, and we will strongly consider guidelines and suggestions. We will do our best to remove politics from our decision making process, and to do what is best and feasible for our students. The most controversial topic is that of wearing masks. Currently, wearing a mask while indoors is mandated by the Governor of Colorado for all persons over the age of ten. If the State order is lifted prior to school beginning, mask wearing will be optional for both students and staff. We will also make reasonable efforts to socially distance when it is feasible and does not detract from the learning environment.

All Option 1 students will be enrolled in our online system, to better prepare for possible closures due to new rules, regulations, or illnesses. This means that learning will continue uninterrupted during any time of closure or absence.
Option 2: Online Learning at Home
Upper Rio Grande will be partnering with Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) to provide options for online student learning. Students can choose to stay home 100% of the time, and will be able to complete coursework alongside their in-person classmates throughout the school year. Students may choose to come to school for in-person classes, as well as take online courses when the class they want or need is not offered by the school. If Option 2 is initially selected, parents will have until October 1st to change to Option 1. After that date, Option 2 students must remain in Online classes for the remainder of the year. Students may change from Option 1, to Option 2, at any time throughout the year (with the knowledge that they cannot return to Option 1 after October 1st).
Learning Option for the 2020-2021 School Year *
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