Idioma Inglés - Test de nivel Avanzado
1. Lea el siguiente texto y escriba la opción más adecuada


The train arrived [.....] Charing Cross Station late, by about ten minutes.
Or, as they would say in the last carriage, six minutes. It was the 7.20 from Tunbridge Wells, where [.....] Tuesdays and Thursdays,
a group of commuters gets together [.....] French
[.....] teacher is Mrs. Marie Stoppard
She heard about the commuter study groups set up by Learn and Ride, and offered to help. She is French, and works [.....] Dupont, the international company,
and has been running courses in French [.....] 1984
The first member of the group to get on the train is Colin Dearlove, [.....] lives in Tunbridge Wells.
He puts a sticker on the window and cards on the table in the last carriage, asking other commuters to leave the seats free for the study group. "People [.....] usually very understanding", he said.
Colin has studied [.....] subjects on the train. German, history of art, and geology.
He has been learning French [.....] for a year.
So [.....] Alice Lester, who works in the City
She has a chance to try out what she has learnt, [.....] she has relatives in France.
She normally catches [.....] but twice a week goes in later to join the class.
Another member of the group, Bill Cunningham, [.....] the same.
"I like to use my time creatively", he said, "If I didn´t do this, I [.....] bored."
Elsewhere on the train another group had been learning bridge, and on Wednesdays [.....] a world affairs class.
These have been set up by Mrs. Angela Ridley on Learn and Ride, with the approval of British Rail. "Naturally I asked their permission, and they [.....] they didn´t mind at all".
She hands out questionnaires asking [.....] and who might be prepared to offer their services as a teacher, and forms groups on the bases of the replies.
She is hoping to have a class on business management. "If enough people [.....] for it,
the class [.....] on the 7.33 next month."
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