Communication Internship Application for Summer and Fall 2021
For Westfield State University Communication Majors only
Email address *
BE SURE this address is accurate. It is the main way we will contact you with questions or to provide information of opportunities.
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Your student A number (CWID)
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The semester you anticipate graduating
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Your phone number *
Your Advisor *
If you do not know your advisor's name, check the bulletin board outside the main COMM office or contact the office.
Concentration *
Enter your concentration. If you have more than one, please choose the one most relevant to your internship goals.
Internship session *
Enter the session in which you anticipate interning
Credits sought *
Enter a single whole number - NO DASHES or words. How many credits do you seek for your internship?
Credits from previous internship *
If you have gotten college credit for a previous internship, how many credits did you get? Please enter 0 (zero) if none.
Where was your previous internship?
If you had a previous internship, please indicate where. Otherwise you may skip this question.
Have you completed the WSU Common Core? *
COMM hours complete by end of this semester *
List how many Communication credits you will have completed by the end of the current semester.
What is your WSU GPA *
Please review your degree audit and provide your total Grade Point Average for WSU courses. A minimum of 2.5 is required.
What is your GPA in the COMM major? *
Please review your degree audit and provide your total Grade Point Average for Communication courses. This includes non-COMM courses that are part of your Concentration.
Where do you hope to intern?
If you do not have a specific site as yet, just leave blank.
Do you meet all the minimum requirements for a COMM internship? *
If you answer NO to the question below, you may appeal by filling out the following section requesting a letter requesting exemption.
Letter requesting exemption from one or more internship requirements.
If you do not meet one or more of our internship requirements, please feel free to write a note explaining why the requirement(s) has/have not been met and why you feel your application should be approved anyway or how and when you hope to rectify the deficiency.
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