Name competition for a Sámi digital archives search service/ Nammagilvu sámi digitála arkiivva ohcanbálvalussii
Welcome to participate on a name competition for a Sámi digital archives search service! We are looking for a name for an online search service, through which to search digital archive material related to Sámi culture heritage. With this form, you can participate to the name competition of the service. The competition closes 21.02.2021.

Bures boahtin! Dás sáhtát oassálastit gilvui gávdnamis nama sámi digitála arkiiva ohcanbálvalussii. Mii ohcat nama ohcanbálvalussii neahtas, mainna gávnnat digitála arkiivamateriála sámi kulturárbbi birra. Deavdil skovi, de oassálasttát gilvui. Gilvu heaittihuvvo 21.02.2021

The competition is organized by Digital Access to Sámi Heritage Archives project, funded by Interreg Nord. The project develops the online search service and guidelines related to the ethical use of archive materials. Visit the website for more information at

Ruhtaduvvon Interreg Nord čađa, Digital Access To Sámi Heritage Archives-prošeakta organisere gilvvu. Prošeakta ovdánahttá ohcanbálvalusa neahtas ja njuolggadusaid ehtalaš geavaheami arkiivamateriálain. Eanet dieđuid gávnnat prošeavtta ruovttusiidduin:
Your name suggestion for the service/ Nammaevttohus: *
Why would this be a good name for the service? / Manne heive namma bálvalussii? *
Contact Information (optional) / Oktavuođadieđut (eaktodáhtolaš)
If you wish - Please give your name and email address or phone number. This information will only be used for the purposes of the competition. If you win, we are then able to contact you. / Jus háliidat searvat gilvvus - čális iežat nama, ja maiddai telefonnummára dahje e-poastačujuhusa. Diehtu geavahuvvo dušše váldit oktavuođa vuoitiin. Jus vuoittát, de beassat duinna váldit oktavuođa.
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