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Membership is limited to senior executives and non-sales leaders who are in product, engineering, IT, operations, strategy, legal, or compliance. We recognize some sales leaders have an extensive operations background. Exceptions may be made in this case, but a review is required.

If you are a returning member and your participants are not changing, you may simply type "SAME".
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In addition to the applicable membership dues, there is a $225 fee per person to attend CRC and Innovation Council meetings (a separate fee of $225 applies to each meeting -- so if an individual is attending both, the total fee would be $450).

The CRC and Innovation Council are non-sales zones, for individuals at a leadership and/or decision-making level. The goals are relationship building, education, and collaboration.

Professionals whose job responsibilities are solely sales/business development-related are only permitted to participate to the extent they personally have an extensive operations background and can contribute to the discussion on that level. We recognize there is educational value for sales executives to participate, but please understand that the success of these meetings depends on attendance by the right people, at the right level, every time. If members start to see an abundance of junior and/or salespeople, they will stop attending. The whole concept will fall apart.

Members gain the most value by the give and take of everyone in attendance. If some only come to take and just sit quietly, those who give will grow resentful and stop doing so. The whole concept will fall apart. Members are not expected to reveal their "secret sauce." However, we do expect sincere participation by all attendees.
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