Louisiana Educators Pivot During COVID 
This survey seeks to answer "How did Louisiana's K-12 teachers, paraprofessionals, instructors, and administrators transition into virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 to present". The results will be published by The Jozef Syndicate in community newspapers across Louisiana. Read the first series here. You may include your contact information for a chance to receive $50 gift card or a donation to your Donor's Choose project. Note: this survey may work best on a computer or tablet.
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How many years have you been an educator or administrator in Louisiana?
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Are you a Black educator or school administrator in Louisiana *
In what parish did you teach during the height of the COVID pandemic in the Spring 2020? *
What grade level did you teach during the height of the COVID pandemic in the Spring 2020? *
Did you retire, resign, or relocate from the Louisiana school system following Spring 2020 as a result of COVID?
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Did you face opposition from parents related to COVID- related masking 

Did you face these challenges or crisis more at the start of COVID activity on the initial days to transition virtually?

Yes, more
No, not any more
Less than before COVID
Difficulty learning virtual classroom (Canva, Google Classroom, Adobe , Teams, etc.
More absenteeism
Incomplete assignments
Lack of supplies for students to use virtually
Sick students
Unclear policies or procedures to transition to virtual learning
Creating and reporting lesson plans
Contacting administrators for assistance
Adjusting IEP or support services

What new teaching strategies did you have to implement on your own for virtual learning during 2020 and 2021 as a result of COVID?

Yes and continues through today
Test taking strategies or tools
Assigning paperless assignments
Incorporating photo or video assignments
Offering extended tutoring times
On camera parent/guardian conferences
Conduct sessions teach how to log in, turn in assignments, or participate in class
Utilize other sources like Libby, Kahoot, Google forms, IXL, YouTube, etc. to support learning
Allowing additional bonuses and retakes
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Considering the guidance from administrators and the school system, how difficult was it to adjust to these strategies?

Slightly difficult
Extremely difficult
Wasn't asked
Learning how to use virtual classroom
Creating virtual lessons that meet GLE standard
Teaching how to use the technology to students
Engaging parents in changes
Conducting class virtually
Maintaining class participation
Recording grades or creating grading system
Using apps, manipulatives, or quiz software within virtual class
Record attendance
Did you face opposition from parents to the school's remote or virtual learning policies?
Were you required to teach virtually from within your classroom at any time during the COVID pandemic?
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Were mental health or social-emotional training  or sessions offered you or your students during or as a response to COVID pandemic (from 2020 to present)?

Did you or your students have any frustrations or anxieties that did not exist before COVID?

When faced with challenges related to virtual learning during the start of the COVID pandemic (2020-2021), what SOLUTIONS did your school or district provide in general? Were these solutions easy to incorporate them with your students?

What solutions did YOU create in order to teach effectively during the COVID virtual learning? 

How much money or other financial resources did you use to transition into virtual learning that began during the COVID pandemic?
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What outside networks provided support to you as an educator during policy changes as a result of the COVID pandemic?
Local chapter of the National Association of Black School Educators
Association of Public Educators of Louisiana
Louisiana Association of Educators
Facebook or social media group of educators which formed because of COVID
Education webinars and content creators
Non-educators, family, friends, and parents
LSU / Southern University / Grambling College of Education
Google education trainers
Sorority / Fraternity
Non-education professional organization
I had no other support
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Did you or your students experience
My family
My students
My student's family
My administrator
Contracted COVID
COVID hospitalization
COVID death
Quarantined and missed virtual class
Depression / Loneliness
Difficulty learning or teaching virtually
Academic decline
New connections/friendships
What needs did your students have that were not met during COVID virtual learning?
What needs did YOU and other educators, paraprofessionals, staff, or administrators have that were not met during COVID virtual learning?
Overall, how difficult has it been to educate students since the start of COVID (2020 - present)?
Little difficulty
Overwhelming difficult
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Have district demands/requirements changed because of COVID?
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What changes/solutions are you most proud of making during these three years of COVID?
Have you been able to give students the individualized attention they needed to resolve COVID learning lost?
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How has your level of enjoyment as an educator changed since COVID? (Please explain)
How are you? What three words describe how you have felt since the start of COVID in March 2020?
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