Boston Mask Transit Mask/Material Donation
Mask Transit is a medical student and volunteer run organization started in New York City and Boston. Our goal is to mobilize masks to our most vulnerable community members, who are at the highest risk of acquiring COVID-19. Boston has not yet reached its peak , so we hope that by getting these masks out as fast as we can, we can help in flattening the curve. Our hope is that these masks will serve as valuable tools in decreasing the number of new infections while simultaneously decreasing the burden on the healthcare system.

If you would like to donate masks or mask materials, please fill out this form. We are also accepting other supplies to build our kits, including elastic or rubber bands, Lysol wipes, paper bags, ziploc bags, gloves, hand soap, paper towels, hand sanitizers, trashbags, laundry detergent, and bleach. If you'd like to make a cash contribution, please visit our GoFundMe at:

Please feel free to share this form or our email with others who are interested in donating to this initiative! Thank you for your interest!
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What type of masks/materials would you like to donate to our cause (We will be taking any masks you are able to donate at this time, but as our needs change, we will update this form and inform you)? *
If you are donating masks, how many masks are you planning to donate?
If you are donating mask material, how many masks do you feel could be made from those materials?
In order for our volunteers to assemble these mask kits in a way that minimizes cross contamination. We are looking for donations of the following supplies. Please select any of the following you may be able to donate to our cause (please also note that all donations must be unused and unopened to ensure volunteer safety):
If you are able to contribute any non-mask materials listed in the previous question, please specify how many you of each you would be willing to donate below.
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If you live in or around Boston, would you be interested in Mask Transit facilitating a non-contact pick-up? *
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