Yoga Pilates for Runners by Runners - athlete registration
Thank you for choosing our program. Please fill in this form and we look forward to meeting you in person to work on your flexibility and core strength. Our sessions require you to be in comfortable but appropriate attire - tights and a T-shirt or vest is recommended. Bring your own yoga mat, in addition it is optional to bring a yoga block or a large towel if you don't have a block.

We intentionally keep our classes 15 pax or less per session so our instructor can focus on you, but there is a minimum number to start a class. Please book multiple classes ahead of time to avoid disappointment. We will inform you 48 hours before classes start if there are changes.

Please remember to make a class selection, see the dates on the form below !

You can choose as many classes as you like, fees are S$28 per lesson. Getting friends to join you can me more fun ! Invite them to sign up too and each of you enjoy a reduced fee of S$20 per person - forward this registration form link to them -

Payment to be made via PayNow or PayLah to Andrew Cheong at mobile 94239403 or DBS current acc 027-015-0462
All fees are payable in advance without refund unless classes are cancelled or under exceptional circumstances.

All classes are held at the air-conditioned, Sports Hub Library seminar room from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm unless specified

See you soon ! - Nicole and Andrew
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