TeenTix Newsroom Application
In this application you will need to:

- Answer demographic questions
- Answer several short answer questions
- Provide one, 300-400 word writing sample
- List any current extracurriculars

Please allow adequate time to complete your application.

The Teen Editorial Staff is interested in working with teen writers whose writing communicates their personality, creativity, and passion for the arts.
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Demographic Questions
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Short Answer Questions
What unique perspective (cultural, personal, political, specific art knowledge) would you bring to the TeenTix Newsroom? *
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What is your writing experience? *
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Writing Samples
Please submit a 300-400 word sample of your own critical writing, answering the following prompt.
Review a piece of art! This can be anything from a TV show or movie on Netflix, to graffiti art, to your favorite musical. Feel free to get creative! Reviews should be 300-400 words in length. *
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Optional: Submit an additional writing sample (maximum 400 words). This can be any kind of writing: a creative project, a poem, something you already wrote for a school assignment, or a personal essay.
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Scheduling Questions
Please list any other extracurricular commitments you have (if any). *
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Are you able to commit to the mandatory All Newsroom meetings? Please check all that you are able to attend. *
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