THS Bravettes Dance Team Application
***Application Form is due by the end of the day on July 17, 2020***

**If you are planning to attend virtual school next year - you cannot play a sport**

Pom routine, Jazz routine and technique tryout video's will be shared on July 18th via Dropbox to your E-mail address with information and instructions on when and how to submit your tryout video.

Please E-mail Coach Kylie ( or Coach Kelsey ( if you have any questions.
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2. Will you be involved in dancing with a studio next year?If yes, please tell where and what type(s) of dance: *
3. Please list other activities and interests. Be sure to include those you anticipate being involved with next school year. *
4. List qualities that you think are necessary to produce a top-notch dance team:
5. Please tell why you would like to audition and be on the THS Dance Team:
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