Summer RISE 2021: Career Experience Host Registration
Thank you for your interest in hosting Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Summer RISE students either in-person, virtually or a combination of the two experiences. We are very excited to be partnering with you.

By completing this registration form, you are agreeing to be a business, organization, agency or entity (the "Career Experience Host") and a Career Experience Host’s designated staff member(s) (the "Career Experience Host Designee"), as described in the below mentioned Agreements, for one or more MCPS high school juniors or seniors, for up to 4 weeks from Monday, July 5 through Friday, July 30, 2021. It is suggested that you host at least two students for 8-30 hours per week and no more than 8 hours a day for a total of 40 hours up to 4 weeks.

Email from the Summer RISE program organizers will be our primary method of communication along with posted updates on our website: Please make sure that the email you submit is the one you want MCPS to use to provide updates on the Summer RISE program. Please also make sure you have read the Summer RISE 2021 Host and Designee(s) Agreement ( and the Summer RISE Parent/Guardian and Host Agreement during COVID-19 Addendum ( before submitting this form.

Should you not be able to complete this registration form all at once, complete the required sections (noted with the red asterisk) and press the submit button. You will be emailed a link you can use to return to the registration process at a later time.

Each Summer RISE industry opportunity requires a separate registration. If you/your organization are hosting more than one 40-hour opportunity in an industry (such as one 40-hour marketing student and one 40-hour IT student), contact the Partnerships Unit at 240-740-5599 to help with the registration process.

Questions? Email or call Davida Gurstelle at or call 240-740-5599.
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Summer RISE Information
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If you were a Summer RISE 2019 Career Experience Host and are offering an in-person opportunity, has any of the following changed that would require a site visit?
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Students will have access to a Chromebook, internet connection and the Google Suite. Do you anticipate requiring other technology needs for your opportunity? *
If yes, please explain the need and if your company can support the need or if you need to discuss this with us.
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If there are additional industries that the opportunity will include, select the next main industry that will be covered. *
If there are additional industries that the opportunity will include, select the next main industry that will be covered. *
Is your Summer RISE opportunity a shared model? (A shared model is where different departments or staff host students on different days over the course of the Summer RISE experience.)
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If you are a shared model, which of the following departments are participating?
How many students would you like to host for this opportunity? Each full month industry opportunity requires a separate registration. Contact the Partnerships Unit to duplicate your registration or with questions. *
Are you willing to host a student who is undecided in their career?
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If we can match you with a bilingual student, which language(s) would be preferred?
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Would your company/organization be willing to make a philanthropic contribution to the Montgomery County Public School Educational Foundation, Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Maryland corporation to help pay for the educational components of Summer RISE program costs? Click here to provide a gift/contribution and learn more about sponsorship levels:
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The Summer RISE 2021 Career Experience Host and Designee(s) Agreement and the Summer RISE 2021 Parent/Guardian and Career Experience Host Agreement during COVID-19 Addendum are on the Summer RISE website at, or can be accessed at and
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