IEEE WIE Affinity Group, IIT Kharagpur presents a webinar on Gender Equality, Not just a "term"
Event Timing: May 23rd, 2020, 6.00 to 7.00 PM (IST)
Abstract of the talk:
Science practice in India perceives itself to be an objective exercise. However, science is performed by scientists, who bring their own personal and social biases to their practice. Moreover, multiple pieces of evidence exist to show that science practice in India is dominated by cis heterosexual Savarna men. I will highlight these inequities in Indian science practice through some data from my own work and well as those of others. Using some of my own work, I will also talk about how one can contribute to making STEM a more hospitable space for people from marginalized communities.
Speaker Bio:
Sayantan Datta (they/them) are a queer-trans science writer, communicator and journalist. They currently work with the feminist multimedia science collective,
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