Grandview Heights Bands - Absence Request Form
Please read the 2018-2019 Grandview Heights Bands - Attendance Policy before completing this form.

"All band members make a commitment when they join band. These commitments extend to attending all rehearsals and performances. The dates of such are published and made known well in advance. Additionally, directors ensure reminders of rehearsals and performances are part of the daily rehearsal schedule. It is expected that all members will be in attendance at all scheduled events.

Should a student be unable to make a particular rehearsal or performance, then a parent/guardian must complete the "Absence Request Form" prior to two weeks in advance of the requested absence.

In the event of a medical or family emergency, the parent/guardian should contact Mr. Herrmann at a time most convenient to the family’s needs by phone or email. Medical and/or family emergencies are automatically Excused. This includes students who are marked ‘Excused’ absent from school on the day of a performance.

Unexcused absences can result in lowered grades and loss of permission to travel. An unexcused performance can never be made up. Actions or lack thereof speak louder than words.

As stated previous, band is co-curricular. As such, work is not an excuse. Communicate clearly with your employer and well in advance. Missing school for work is unexcused; therefore; missing band for work is ALSO UNEXCUSED.

Alternate Performance Assessments (APA) will be assigned to all performance-based absences. The APA will include performing, individually or in small groups, music from the missed performance.

Marching Band Absence Maximum: Each student is limited to two Excused absences during the marching band season; including rehearsals and performances. Requests for exceptions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis."

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