Bags to Beds Leadership Team Application
If you are interested in participating in a leadership role with Bags to Beds, please fill out this form by July 31st!
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Position Description
Each leadership position will be asked to:
1. Serve a 2-year term. (with 6-weeks notice if you become unavailable)
2. Attend a minimum of 2 leadership meetings per month, either in person or via video chat. (Some roles may require once-a-week)
3. Contribute to discussions.
4. Help to plan and execute Bags to Beds activities with sufficient warning.
5. Become educated on the topics of recycling and homelessness, so as to share accurate information with volunteers.
6. Encourage others to volunteer and give back through Bags to Beds.
7. Respond to emails regarding BtB within 48 hours.
Specific Positions Available
Vice-President/Associate Director of Operations:
(Includes but is not limited to)
Attend meetings with community partners with/in place of President/Director if they cannot attend
Schedule board meetings, send calendar requests
Respond to BtB email inbox- sending appropriate inquiries on to other board members and sending project directions to new volunteers within 48 hours

(Includes but is not limited to)
Track donations and expenditures in a spreadsheet and offer twice-a-month updates on account balances to the rest of the team
Assist in fundraising activities
Work with President and BtB Accountant to submit financial information at end of year

Social Media Coordinator:
(Includes but is not limited to)
Update Facebook and Instagram at least once per week
Increase Social Media traffic
Manage Facebook Calendar
Respond to Facebook message inquiries
Provide social media reports (posts, audience, engagement) at least twice-a-month to the team

Associate Director of Event Management:
(Includes but is not limited to)
Coordinate which team members will attend any upcoming events (2 weeks notice)
Communicate upcoming events to board and Social Media Coordinator
Updating website with event information when deemed necessary by the board

Chapter Coordinator:
(Includes but is not limited to)
Communicate monthly with existing chapters
Respond to new chapter requests
Provide information for volunteers outside of Utah (such as where to donate mats, where to gather bags, etc)
Submit requests to the board to send supplies to other cities, if necessary

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What is your first choice for a leadership position? *
What would you like to take away from this leadership position? *
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If you would like to share any previous leadership experiences you find relevant, please do so here:
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Will you be able to commit 2 years of participation with the Bags to Beds leadership team? *
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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Thank you!
We will be accepting applications until Midnight MST July 31st, and plan to get back to you about next steps in early August.
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