Ladd Kindergarten Parent Questionnaire
Please take a few moments to introduce your child to us through this questionnaire. The information you provide will be shared with the classroom teacher and other school staff members who will be working with your child. Thank you for providing this information.
Child's Name
Name to be called if different
Date of Birth
Name of person completing questionnaire and relationship to child
My child has participated in the following activities: (mark all that apply)
My child enjoys the following activities: (mark up to five)
My child will ask for help when needed from a familiar adult.
Someone reads to my child.
My child separates easily from a parent.
My child participates in daily family routines and chores.
My child takes care of bathroom needs independently.
My child enjoys playing alone.
My child enjoys playing with other children his/her own age.
My child follows two-step requests that are sequential, but not necessarily related (put away the toy and then go get your coat)
My child stays interested in self-chosen activities for:
My child has a medical concern I would like to discuss before school begins.
Clear selection
5-year-old children exhibit a range of behaviors when they're angry. How does your child express anger? Disappointment? Frustration? Fear?
If your child has a current IEP, or one in the past, please explain below.
What do you feel are your child's strengths?
What specific things would you like to see happen this year in Kindergarten?
Anything else that you would like to share:
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