Volunteering with Inside Out Youth Services
New IOYS Volunteer Check List:

1. Submit Volunteer Application Online (You made it!)
2. Sign Up for 4-hr Volunteer Training at IOYS with Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@insideoutys.org)
3. Complete Background check CBI/FBI (one-time charge of $45)
4. Turn in Signed Commitment Letter; Confidentiality Form; and Mandatory Reporter Certificate*
5. Schedule Orientation/1st Shift with Volunteer Coordinator

* Mandatory Reporter Training available for free online here (20min-1hr to complete): https://coloradocwts.com/mandated-reporter-training

For any questions regarding the volunteer process, contact Tracey at volunteer@insideoutys.org

Continue to next section to complete the volunteer application. (Estimated time: 20-40min)

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