BroadcastGG Streaming Consent
BroadcastGG is going to be broadcasting Open Division games and are looking to provide coverage of the top teams in Open Division. The last 3 season of 2019 we have provided coverage and this season we plan to continue to support the Tier 3 scene on their Path to Pro once again.

Agreeing to this form grants consent for BroadcastGG to broadcast your team's games for Overwatch Open Division 2019 Season 1 under compliance with the official rule-set of Overwatch Open Division.
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Do you agree to be streamed by BroadcastGG for Open Division 2019 Season 1? *
What is your team's region? *
Currently our main focus is NA and EU, but we are open to streaming other regions based on our available resources.
What is you team's name? *
Copy and paste what it shows up as on the Open Division participants panel on Battlefy.
What is your team's Battlefy link? *
What is your team's average SR? *
EX: 3500
What is your captain's or manager's Discord tag? *
This will be our main way of contacting teams.
We plan to have 2 matches per stream and flexibility allows us to achieve this and provides more opportunities for teams to be covered. We verify all matches are official rescheduled in Battlefy before confirming time slots.
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