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The March Research Lab is a social psychology lab at Florida State University supervised by Professor David March.  In the lab, we implement various social psychological methodologies and measurement instruments, including survey tools, mouse-tracking, eye-tracking, and physiological measures (e.g., electromyography, skin conductance, electrocardiogram.  
Research assistants in the March Lab are expected to be exceptional undergraduates with an interest in psychology.  In this vein, we require that all students have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and be either a major or minor in psychology.  Applicants with coursework in Quantitative Methods, Social Psychology, and advanced undergraduate classes will be given priority.
Participation in the lab is a 1-year commitment (2 semesters).  Each semester will grant you 1-3 credits from PSY4910/4920. If you have questions, please contact Dr. March (march@psy.fsu.edu).

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For a 3-credit course, you must be able to dedicate 9-hours to the lab for running subjects (being an experimenter), entering data, preparing materials, and researching topics. This means that you must set aside the time you agree to in order to work in the lab. These time periods are based on availability of lab rooms, the study criteria, and your schedule. Please state how many hours on each day (M-F) you are available to dedicate to the lab: *
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