Pokeeeeeeeoh Bookings (In Malmö)
Fill this in to book a tattoo with pokeeeeeeoh.

If you want to include reference pictures, please send them to pokeeeeeeeoh@gmail.com with the subject line “Reference picture [your name]”

FLASH (existing drawings on Instagram on #pokeeeeeeeohflash) will be given hella high priority when I’m selecting appointments- if it’s flash, you’ll get in here faster! :)

Note: this is for tattoos at SOMETHING TATTOO in MALMÖ. Guest visits in other cities will have a separate form. Please don't fill this out unless you can actually be in Malmö.

Thanks a lot for being interested in my stuff! Means a lot to me! <3
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What's your Instagram name? (so I know if I've tattooed you before... long story short, I used to book through insta and I know a lot of people only by their insta-handles. It also gives me another way to get in touch with you.) *
How many times have I tattooed you? *
What would you like? Please include as much detail as you find necessary. You can just tell me what subject you'd like and let me do the thinking, but if there's some specific element you want, you should tell me here (and not when I've already sketched something for you). For example, if you want something to be from a particular perspective, let me know. Try to be descriptive and tell me whether you would like shading, just lines, etc. Please don't ask for designs from other artists or tattooers because I won't do them! If it's from my own flash or you would like to send me picture references, please email them to pokeeeeeeeoh@gmail.com and say “Reference Picture [your name]” in the subject line. If we’ve discussed before somewhere else, please still describe what you want/which thing it was... just for my sanity! :) *
Are you going to send a reference pic to pokeeeeeeeoh@gmail.com? (include your name in the subject line) *
Approximately how large would you like the tattoo (height in cm)? Keyword is *approximately*. I might have to make suggestions if I think things need to be bigger to ensure quality. :) I DON'T do micro-tattoos and I won't do a design smaller than I think it should be. It's for your own good, because if it's too small, it will probably look like shit in no time. You have to be flexible and trust me. Sorry. :) *
Where on your body would you like the tattoo? I DON'T do ribs. Especially not ribs. (Don't try to be sneaky by asking for 'the side below your armpit and above your hip' or 'the area on your torso between the back and the front'. I know that's the ribs... I'm going to notice. I'm thick, but not that thick.) haha *
Are you over 18? *
Have you read the ‘about’ section of my website? You know the price and all that shit?  *
Do you wanna come asap? *
If you can only come during a certain day or period, please tell me when in this format: day/month/year-day/month/year. This reduces that chances I'll be able to fit you in. Keep in mind I'm normally booked for a month or two in advance, so if you tell me you wanna come tomorrow, that's probably not going to happen... But you never know.
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