​Contemporary Issues: Helping Students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Other Disorders on the Spectrum (Online Moodle Registration)
This self-paced, online Moodle course is intended for those who are interested in learning how to identify and help students who struggle with language learning in school contexts. In particular, the focus is on how to reframe traditional approaches to instruction in favor of multi-sensory and other student-centered approaches. Major course objectives are to help class participants become more confident with identifying symptoms of various disorders and identifying instructional approaches that honor the individual learner.

Course description​:
This 8 week, two-credit offering is based on the premise that children of all ages and across grade levels can learn, but that they do so differently. We know that for some students, learning to read and write will be one of the most challenging school tasks they will ever undertake. Accordingly, practitioners must be knowledgeable about (1) the spectrum of oral and written language disabilities and (2) how a teacher can be an academic coach-guide who helps all students experience success. We will study what experts in the field have to say about learning disorders and consider how teachers can rethink their current practices, identifying ways to differentiate learning to maximize individual student success.

Event Number: 20551023
EDU 455/C&I 555
Instructors: Daisy Carlsmith/Ann Ellsworth
Dates: This is a self-paced course. As such, course participants must be comfortable working independently and self-motivated to complete all work within the flexible time frame. Participants may register for the course now. No new registrations will be accepted after April 15, 2020. Participants must complete the course by June 1, 2020.

Upon receipt of course payment by WMPLC, the instructor will enter the student into the course Moodle and send an introductory email, at which time the participant may begin the class. The instructor will then collect the UM credit paperwork and payment, which will be sent to the University of Montana on June 1, 2020, along with final grades.

Registration fee: $250
Credit: 30 OPI Renewal Units or 2 Semester Credits (semester credits are offered through the University of Montana and are an additional fee of $155. The course instructor will provide a separate registration form). The total cost savings is 40% by going through WMPLC to get university continuing education credits.

This course requires the participant to access a couple of texts through their school or public library or purchase said materials from booksellers such as Amazon. The instructor may be available to assist with locating copies, if
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