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Use this form to submit additional creditors you want added to your case. You may use this form as many times as you wish to submit multiple additional creditors. Keep in mind that we will always automatically add your creditors we find from running all 3 credit reports, and from our public record search. Most of our clients will not need to use this form to add additional creditors. Only use this form to add creditors in addition to those that we have already included in your case. Also, keep in mind that once your case is filed, the court will charge a fee in order to add additional creditors.
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please note: If you do not include an address, the debt will not be discharged in your bankruptcy
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I understand that if my initial list of creditors (schedule F) has already been filed I will be charged extra to amend my list of creditors/schedule F (additional court charge plus postage typically $100 per batch up to 40 additional creditors). If my case has not yet been filed there will be no additional charge. *
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