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What current Mutual Aid/ volunteer work are you doing that you would like to receive funds for?
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Have you reached out to your local monthly meeting, or any other organization for financial assistance? If so, what were they able to cover? *
Are you currently employed? *
Have you signed up for any government assistance? Unemployment, Food Stamps, etc. Were you able to receive the requested services? *
In return for a financial gift, would you willing, be able to perform 20 hours/month of service to support your local community? Please note that a report written by the group will be requested as well upon completion of the project. *
12. Do you have a current health insurance policy? *
13. Is there is a particular service that you would prefer giving (such as organizing work, active work outside, or tech training)? Note: It is NOT a requirement to offer service as a part of this. We just hope to spread the network as wide as we can. We will be requiring that those involved in the higher risk/outdoor activities have active health insurance.
14. Are you aware of Elders, or anyone else in your community that is in need and could benefit from this type of service and support?
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15. Do you have any questions or additional ideas you would like to see come through this project?
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