Application for Callum Birch's private email newsletter for top health practice owners.
Unlike most email newsletters you can simply opt-in for, mine is a private list.

The reason is that my PA sends me every email response from subscribers and I personally reply to as many as I can.

In order to maintain this level of value, I have to keep the list small and restricted to the most serious health practice owners.

If you want to be considered for the list, simply answer the questions below. If you're accepted onto the list, you'll start getting emails from me within 72 hours.
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If a genie appeared and gave you three wishes, and you could change three things in or about your practice instantly - with no effort or cost - what would these changes be? (as specific as possible) *
If a rich uncle arrived and gave you £100,000 to spend on advertising, marketing, promoting or otherwise expanding your practice - what would you do with it? *
I email my list regularly - sometimes daily or multiple times a day - about marketing, entrepreneurship and things going on in my personal life. If that's an issue for you, please do not apply to join. *
If you're accepted onto the email list, my PA will manually add your email to the list. Please put your best email address below (the one you read and use most often). *
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If you're interested in getting an advanced copy of my book about health practice marketing/growth, put your full shipping address below and I will put you on the list for that.
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