Something.Host Support Agent Application
If you are interested into joining Something.Host as a support agent, you can fill this application.
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Something.Host Support agent application Terms and Conditions
Something.Host may or may not require you, depending on your position to sign legal documents, with that being said, you acknowledge that you are on the legal age to be able to sign for your self or you have a guardian or parent that can sign for you. Something.Host will require you to pass through a probationary phase before receiving access to our Support systems and software to ensure the highest of quality. Something.Host has the right to deny your access to our services, systems, and software at any point in time and under its discretion. Something.Host will not tolerate abuse of any of it's systems, software, and tools, this form included, and may suspend you and your services from using our services at our discretion. By applying to this form you agree to share your e-mail address, your first name, and last name with members of Something.Host management. Something.Host will void your application in the event it is considered low-effort to save space for other applicants. Something.Host will respond to you if your application gets accepted, and you accept that at no point in time you will contact a member about its progress.
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