Hot Springs Mistletoe Kisses Market

Mistletoe Kisses Market
Hot Springs Convention Center
Friday, December 13: Ladies Night 6 to 8 pm
Saturday, December 14: 9 am to 4 pm

The Application Process ~
1. Fill out the show contract. Please check your calendar to ensure there are no conflicts with your dates prior to applying.
2. Either mail or email photos of the products which you will be selling. At least one photo should be a photo of your booth set up. Photo submissions are used in making final decisions. We are a retail show, and do not allow wholesaling at our events. We limit direct sales companies. Informational booths are not accepted. Vendors are chosen by a selection committee. We may call or email you with questions about your products. Please note: We may ask you to remove items that were not included in your contract.
3. Return contracts to KissieMe Ventures, LLC, PO Box 26602, Little Rock, AR 72221, or email to Once the committee has reviewed the applications, you will receive an email informing you if your business has been approved. If approved, you have 48 hours to pay for your vendor space. All payments are final. No refunds will be given for cancellations or no shows. Vendor shall not share, lease, sublet, assign, offer for use, or otherwise convey any portion of its vendor space to any individual, partnership, corporation, company, firm or entity, without the prior written consent of KissieMe Ventures, LLC.
4. Due to the promptness of our review and acceptance of merchants, it is important to submit your contract and corresponding photos early, and at the same time. Those that submit their paperwork at a later date, may run the risk of a show being sold out, or their product category already being filled. We may limit specific categories or types of products sold at the event.
5. Move-in packets will be emailed and/or mailed 45 days prior to the event date.

Terms of Contract Agreement ~
The company or individual(s) identified on the front of these contracts hereby subscribes for an exhibit booth or space at KissieMe Markets. Exhibitor shall adhere to the rules and regulations set forth herein, and conformance with such rules and regulations is understood to be part of this contract. The signature of the Exhibitor, or its authorized representative, in the space on front of the contracts indicates agreement with all of the provisions of this contract by exhibitor, including its owners, officers, employees, agents, representatives, and independent contractors.
While best efforts will be made to accommodate exhibitor's exhibit booth selection, KissieMe Markets reserves the right to assign, designate or change exhibit or booth location.
All Exhibitor personnel shall wear an identification badge while on the Show floor.
There will be limited outlet booths. Please know these are a first come, first serve. Please do not ask for electric to charge phones. Electric is reserved for those who need to sell their product. Vendors must bring their own power cords. All cords must be taped to the floor with painters tape if in or near walkway. Electric has a $30 fee and must be requested at time of application. Those that request the week of the event will be subject to a $75 electric fee.
You must bring all of your own equipment. KissieMe Ventures, LLC does not provide equipment, decoration, labor, carpenters, storage for exhibit materials, special lighting, gas, water supply or other related services. Vendor must make all arrangements for these items. Pipe & drape is not provided by KissieMe Markets. You are more than welcome to to set up your own if you wish to have that separation of booths.
We require a high level of professionalism from our vendors. All vendor booths are to be set-up and ready before the event opens and will remain set-up until event time ends. NO EARLY TEARDOWNS unless authorized by a KissieMe Ventures representative. Early teardowns will result in a surcharge in the amount of $150.00. Vendors must keep booth area clean and tidy during the show and are responsible for removing individual trash after the show. All tables must be skirted or covered. Your product, setup and seating/standing area must be in your allotted space. No part of displays or stands may enter adjoining booths or extend into aisles. Vendors are not allowed to approach customers outside of booth area. Children are not allowed to attend with vendors. *Some exceptions will apply. Please contact KissieMe Ventures, LLC with any questions.
NO confetti, glitter, silly string, hay, birdseed, or balloons are allowed per the Convention Center.

You must collect sales tax and be prepared to write a check at the end of the day to the state of Arkansas Dept of Finance & Administration. If you already remit taxes on a regular basis, you do not need to write a check. You will still need to remit the form but notate it “will remit with regular payment”. You must return the form and payment if applicable by the end of the day. Failure to do so may result in refusal for future events.

There will be loading zones. Please be considerate of your fellow vendors by unloading all your equipment and merchandise and moving your vehicle immediately. At the end of the event, please have all your merchandise packed BEFORE moving your vehicle to loading area. Trailers will have first priority for loading zones closest to the door.

*Vendors who sell ANY food items will need to speak to a KissieMe Ventures representative BEFORE filling out the application. There are certain rules and regulations that these vendors will have to be made aware of in order to be a vendor.

Service vendors such as hairstylists, massage therapists, face painters, activities, etc. are requested to contact KissieMe Markets prior to filling out an application.

Setup times will be announced closer to time. Those that are unable to setup and sell during the Ladies Night on Friday, will need to speak to a KissieMe Markets representative about participation.
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Please check all items that you carry. Designer inspired items are acceptable. Counterfeit knock-offs are strictly prohibited! We do not accept wholesale and direct sales companies are limited. Informational Booths are not allowed.

Please include any other comments regarding your business that you feel would be relevant to consideration for participation in the market. 
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Optional: Advertising is Available for those that would like to have their Business featured on printed materials. We also do a boosted Vendor Spotlight on Facebook. You must have a Business FB Page! *Please note: ALL Vendors will have a Vendor Spotlight on Facebook but only those that pay for advertisement have a boosted Spotlight. 
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Optional: I would like to donate 25 small items or 25 coupons for the Swag Bags given away on Saturday morning. *You can also decide at a later. This just gives us a general idea when preparing the bags.
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Merchants agree to distribute show literature prior to the event and promote the show on their social media accounts. 

KissieMe Ventures, LLC reserves the right to refuse a vendor for any reason, and has the right to limit the numbers of vendors showing similar or same products to prevent duplication.

I, the applicant, hereby release, indemnify and agree to hold harmless the promoter, KissieMe Ventures, LLC, and all other persons involved with the event from and against all liabilities and any claims for damage, loss or injury to person or property suffered during the event. (Including set-up days and non-business hours.) I understand that liability and casualty insurance against such damage, injury, and loss is my responsibility. I agree to abide by the rules of the Show and rules otherwise imposed by the promoter at any time. This contract is binding.

I have read and agree to the terms of this contract. *Please type name and date in line


Invoices may be paid by Venmo, CashApp, Square, PayPal.

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