Feedback on the Software Engineering Virtual Lab
Did you have an interesting experience with the Software Engineering Virtual Lab? Did you face any difficulty? Please let us know. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome!

Please note that we may use your feedback to improve our lab. Responses obtained herein may be used in research and development. Moreover, we may publish your comments -- truncated or as a whole -- along with your name. However, email address, if any, would not be made public.

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How do you rate the online performance of the experiment?
To what extent did you have control over the interactions?
To what degree was the actual lab environment simulated?
Was the measurement and analysis of data easy for you?
The manuals were found to be helpful?
Were the links provided consistent with the objectives of the experiment?
Were the results of the experiment easily interpreted?
A clear understanding of the experiment and related topics was gained?
How helpful do you feel the system is?
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Did you experience any problem?
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Is there anything you would like to tell us?
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Did you feel confident enough while performing the experiment?
Was the experiment/process motivating enough?
Did you go through the manual/step-by-step procedure before performing the experiments live?
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Did you get the feel of a real lab while performing the experiments virtually?
Did you feel the absence of an instructor?
Could you run the experiments smoothly, i.e., without interruptions?
Could you measure and analyse the data successfully?
Did you follow the step by step procedure before doing the live experiment?
Could you compare your results with the given typical results?
Do you think performing experiments through virtual labs were more challenging than the real lab experiments?
Specify three problems/difficulties you faced while performing the experiments
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Describe three interesting things about the experiments
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Do you think doing experiments through virtual lab gives scope for more innovative and creative research work
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