Trans Project Fund Application
The Casper Pride Trans Project Fund was established to support the livelihood of Natrona County’s transgender community by providing financial assistance for projects that positively impact the transgender community’s wellbeing. Examples would be:

1) Monthly engagements such as dinners, lunches, coffee gatherings, etc. to facilitate social interaction and togetherness
2) Documents that can help the transgender community navigate legal issues
3) Hosting speakers regarding transgender topics
4) Coordinating local round tables
5)    Facilitating training on transgender issues
6) Fundraising for the Trans Project Fund to keep it going!

We are eager to receive your application. You do not need to be transgender to apply. If you have a project idea, but would benefit from guiding assistance, Casper Pride can offer mentorship. Projects are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Please note that two additional materials (listed below) do need emailed to Please use your project name when you email your materials. You can also email us here with questions about the application.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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