Pre training review - LLN assessment
As part of this pre- training review process, you are now required to complete a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) exercise which will be used to assess your LLN ability to undertake the course.
The tasks are not tests and there is no pass or fail. Your results are confidential.
If you have a Language Literacy or Numeracy concern that is affecting your training program, we encourage you to raise the matter with your Trainer or contact Ausdance Vic directly.
Ph: (03) 9689 2055
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Literacy evaluation
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Language, literacy and numeracy
John arrives for training at 08:00am.
The trainer informs John that the group will break for morning tea at 10:00am for 25 minutes, lunch will be at 12:30pm for 45 minutes, and receive an afternoon break at 2pm for 20 minutes. The training concludes at 1630 hrs.
How many breaks will John get today? *
How many hours will John spend in training? *
If I sold 3 coffees for $2.50 each, how much change do I give the customer from the following amounts? (Tick the appropriate box for each amount) *
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