Peace Hospice Care Survey for Patients, Relatives & Carers
We value greatly the views of patients and their loved ones. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey, your feedback will help us measure and improve the quality of our services.
Are you....
Which of our services have you used (tick all that apply)?
If you have used our Starlight Centre please tell us which services you/your loved one have used (tick all that apply)
Peace Hospice Care services were available when you/they needed them
The Peace Hospice Care Welcome Pack and other leaflets help to keep you/them informed about Hospice Services
Was the information we provided accessible and understandable and (if needed) did you receive communication support
Your answer
Peace Hospice Care staff gave you/them as much information as necessary to make decisions about your/their care
What were your expectations coming to Peace Hospice Care?
Your answer
How has/have your visit/s to Peace Hospice Care helped?
Your answer
Peace Hospice Care staff treat you/them with respect and dignity
I know enough about the roles of Peace Hospice Care staff involved in your/their care
The next 3 questions apply only to Starlight & the Inpatient Unit
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The Hospice is a welcoming and comfortable environment
The standard of cleaning throughout the Hospice is satisfactory
The catering service we provide at the Hospice is satisfactory
What do you think Peace Hospice Care does particularly well?
Your answer
Is there anything you think Peace Hospice Care can improve on?
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Should you ever want to complain or make a comment would you know how to do it?
If a friend or family member required similar care in the future, how likely would you be to recommend Peace Hospice Care to them?
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