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Before you fill out this form, we recommend that you read the information on our website regarding our mission, values, activities and working conditions. Carefully consider every aspect as you read. Volunteering is a very rich experience and we are happy that you are considering joining our team. However, working conditions can be difficult at times and for this reason, it is important that you answer honestly all of the following questions, even regarding personal matters. This will allow us to properly support you during your stay with us.

Before starting, note that there are a few entry requirements to volunteer with Northern Lights Aid. Please read them carefully to check your eligibility.

- Be over 18 at the time of your trip
- Stay for at least three weeks (from June to September, the minimum length of stay is extended to one month)
- Provide a copy of your criminal record*
- Have a sufficient level of spoken English
- Be mentally and physically capable to deal with intense working conditions

*You will be asked to submit a recent copy of your criminal record (less than 6 months) after being contacted by our team when you submit this form. Northern Lights Aid volunteers work with vulnerable groups and we must be certain that our volunteers don’t have a history of violence or abuse of any kind, or any other criminal acts. Obtaining a copy of your criminal record may take time and/or cost money, depending on your country of residence (see information page with the link below). However, note that it is a prerequisite to volunteer with us and you must submit your record no later than the day of your arrival (we strongly advise you to submit it earlier). Otherwise, even if you arrive in Greece, you will not be permitted to work with the organisation. We encourage you to start the procedure to obtain a copy of your criminal record as soon as possible.

Procedure to obtain a copy of your criminal record by country:

Your Criminal Record will be kept completely confidential and stored in line with our Privacy Policy (see below). We will delete it once your volunteer period with Northern Lights Aid has come to an end. When you have your Criminal Record, please send it to our Data Manager, Katie. (+44 7969751269).

As you may know, the EU introduced a set of data protection laws known as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018, which tells businesses and organisations how they are allowed to use the personal information of EU citizens. We fully comply with GDPR regulations and ask you to read our Privacy Policy before submitting your information:

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Physical or Mental Health Issues (It is important that you communicate with us any health issues that may affect you, or your ability to work during your stay. This will not disqualify you from volunteering with us (aside from a few exceptions), but it will allow our coordination team to provide you with appropriate follow-up in the field. All health issues communicated to us are kept confidential) *
Travel information
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If space is available, are you interested in staying in one of our volunteer apartments? (Volunteers contribute 60 Euro per week for the first four weeks, then are asked for 30 Euro per additional two weeks of stay, in order to cover the rent and utilities. Note that the volunteer apartments are mixed gender and you may have to share a room with one or two other volunteers): *
Skills and motivation
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Questions and comments
Do you have any questions or comments? (If you need an official document from Northern Lights Aid in order to obtain your criminal record, please mention it here)
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