Pathfinder After School Program Courses
ALL REGISTRATIONS AND PAPER PAYMENT FORMS are due with payment by Thursday, January 11

Please let us know if you need additional support for your student to attend the afterschool program. All afterschool classes are open to all Pathfinder students. Contact us:

Session dates:
• Bayfest all-school musical: January 8 - May 31 (performances that day). Please note that not all kids will be going to all the weeks)
• Sing Out (Jungle Book): January 9-March 27
• All other classes: January 22-March 30
• Registration will close January 1 for Bayfest & Sing Out, January 15 for all other classes.
• Mid-winter break February 19-23
• Sing Out: 10 week session, Bayfest, 9-16 week session, all other classes 9 week session

Scholarships: Every child is allowed to use one scholarship per session (three per year). The PTSA pays 80% of the cost of the class and the student / family pays 20%. The $10 registration fee still applies, so please plan for 20% of the cost of the class plus $10. Scholarships are made possible by PTSA fundraising through direct give and the auction.

Volunteering: For winter session, we need volunteers to check kids in and out plus one volunteer per day who can be at school from 3:15-5:15. Volunteers who check in/out will get 50% off the cost of one class per day of volunteering, up to two classes per session. Volunteers who stay the two hours to represent the after school program and be present during classes to fill in gaps will get one free class per day of volunteering, up to two free classes per session.

Teachers: will meet children in the hub after school and take them to the class. Afternoon Blazing Trails students should check in to BT prior to reporting to the hub. Parents should pick up in the room after class. Class locations will be emailed upon registration.

Registration fee: We are introducing a registration fee this session, to help cover program costs. Please plan to include $10 with your class payment per child you are registering for classes. This will be collected for everyone, even if you have a scholarship or are volunteering.

Payment for classes is due on the next school day following registration. Make checks payable to Pathfinder PTSA. Final deadline for payment is Thursday January 11th, 2018 at 11:59 pm. If you do not submit payment by this time you will forfeit your spot and we will open up the waiting list. Please submit cash or check to the black PTSA box in the office, along with your filled out registration form at the back of this catalog. We are not yet able to accept payment online. Thank you.

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