BCRE Grades 6-7-8 Home Study, 2019-2020 Getting Started
This online form is used for participants to complete the start-of-year "Getting Started" assessment (pre-test) provided by Pflaum, whose materials we use. We will be learning all this material during the year - you are not expected to know it already! Take the time to see what you already know about our Catholic faith. Do your best - skip anything you are unsure about.
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1. St. Paul wrote _______.
2. The sacrament in which we confess our sins is _______.
3. The name “Jesus” means _______.
4. Pope Francis is inspired by _______'s love for the poor.
5. The common name for the event at which Peter, James, and John saw Jesus the way he will be after his Resurrection is the _______.
6. Catholics today usually hear passages from the Old Testament as part of the _______.
In the next section (questions 7-12), match the correct definition given with the term / word in the choices. You will only use each word / term once.
7. Jesus’ rising from the dead.
8. The season of preparation for Christmas.
9. The Magi came to see Jesus.
10. The season of preparation for Easter.
11. A Christmas celebration.
12. The last Sunday of the Church Year.
For the next few questions, answer either True or False. If false, think about what makes it false.
13. Christians are called to help the poor.
14. Purgatory is a life of eternal happiness with God and all those who love him.
15. There are four Sacraments of Christian Initiation.
16. Prophets are people who speak for God.
17. The three theological virtues are faith, hope, and love.
18. We ask repeatedly for what we need in victory.
Questions 19-24: Match the following - you will only use each word across the top once.
John the Baptist
Catholic Social Teaching
19. He waited for the Messiah in the wilderness of Judea
20. This word means 'blessed'.
21. This means a change of one’s whole life, turning away from sin and toward God
22. This is is the four-week period of preparation for Christmas.
23. This binds us and connects us to God and to Jesus, God’s Son.
24. This is the way people must treat each other.
For questions 25-30, choose the correct answer. Then you'll be done!
25. In the Old Testament, this person built the Temple.
26. The _______ tells the history of the people of Israel.
27. Jesus’s family settled in which town during his early life?
28. Jesus gave eight short descriptions of happiness called the _______:
29. The word “church” means _______.
30. A _______ is a short story that uses imagery and situations from every day life to teach a moral lesson.
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