Nomination Application to CWS
This survey is intended for nominating CWS members for one or more awards. Each individual is able to nominate him or herself. Please fill in as much information as possible, while questions 1-3 are required.

Thank you for your contribution! We greatly appreciate your time.

1. Name of nominee *
Last Name, First Name
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2. Nominee email address *
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3. Name of the award *
(e.g. Founders Award)
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4. Award website URL
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5. Award deadline
Please specify MMDDYYYY. For recurring awards, such as March 15th of each year, specify MMDD only.
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6. Briefly describe (two or three sentences) why you are nominating this individual
Please include information such as what organization(s) this individual is involved in and what conference(s) he/she is presenting at.
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7. Submitter name (if other than nominee him- or herself) and email
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8. Other information
Any other information you'd like to provide
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