Room Condition Assessment Form
The purpose of the Room Condition Assessment Form is for the Resident to document the condition of the room upon arrival, including such as room damages, unapproved paint, abandoned furniture, or missing furniture.

Per the College Houses Contract for Living Accommodations, "Resident accepts the room/suite/apartment and all furnishings, fixtures as is, except for conditions materially affecting health or safety of ordinary persons. CH makes no implied warranties. Resident will inspect her/his room, note any defects or damages on the Room Condition form for the room and return it to the CH representative within 48 hours. Such exception will be acknowledged by both parties."

Every room is professionally cleaned after a member moves out. If for whatever reason, it appears your room was not cleaned, please note that here, document/take pictures, and contact Members can be compensated if they had to clean their room upon arrival.
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What is your room number? *
What is your FIRST name? *
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What is your EMAIL address?
Are you planning on moving out at the end of this semester? (This is not binding)
If you are confused, please visit for the full cancellation policy:
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Is there a twin bed in your room? *
Is there a twin bed frame in your room? *
Is there a dresser in your room? *
Is there a desk in your room? *
Is there a chair in your room? *
What is the condition of your floors?
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What personal furniture items have you brought? Is there any furniture before you moved-in that is still there (that was not covered in earlier questions)? *
*Please distinguish which items you brought from any items that were in the room already. You are subject to charges for any furniture, that is not owned by College Houses, left in your room when you move-out. If there was any furniture present when you moved in, then this is the time to notify us so you can contest furniture abandonment charges. If you have any questions related to what is and is not College Houses furniture, please ask your Membership Coordinator or contact the office (
Do you have a pet in your room? *
If yes to the previous question, did you pay your pet deposit?
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What color(s) are your walls painted? (please mention any murals in your room with a brief description of the mural) *
Are there any damages to the room?  
Please note this room condition form is not considered a maintenance request. For minor repairs, please contact your house maintenance coordinator. If you encounter any serious damage that needs immediate attention, please submit a Maintenance Assistance Form:
Is there anything you would like us to know?
It can be related to your room, suite, common space, house, or something else entirely. If you have a non-maintenance concern that needs immediate attention, please email the Membership Director at or call our office  (512-476-5678) during business hours.
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