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Earth Building Satisfaction Survey
A Chance for Home Owners to Give Feedback
What is your gender?
What is your occupation?
What is your highest education level?
What is your ethnic background?
What country do you come from?
What is your age?
What is the location of your earthen home?
Please indicate town and country
What was your introduction to earthen construction?
How did you learn about earth building?
What is the approximate age of your home?
How long have you occupied your home?
Please indicate years or months.
Is there an earth building group in your area that you can go to for support?
This could be a formal organization or company who has a good understanding of earthen building.
If so, what is the name of this organization or company?
What is the overall area of the living space of your home?
Not including garage or other non-living spaces.
What is the main earthen wall construction material?
How many people live in your home including yourself?
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