Bluet customer waiver
The SUP Shack, LLC DBA Bluet SUP a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Texas.

I understand that Participation in the above activities ( Stand Up Paddle Boarding & SUP Pilates/Yoga) may be hazardous.

In signing below, I assume risk of harm or injury which may occur to the participant as a result of participating in the above named activity.

I hereby release The SUP Shack, LLC DBA Bluet SUP and the CIty of Highland Village, Texas and its officers, employees, or agents of any liability, costs and damages resulting in this individuals participation.

I also give my consent for the business Bluet SUP or organization to seek emergency treatment for the minor or me if necessary, and I agree to accept financial responsibility for the costs related to the emergency treatment.

All Parents and guardians are responsible for minors participating in any and all Stand Up Paddle board and
SUP Pilates/Yoga events with the SUP Shack DBA Bluet SUP.

It is the clients responsibility to notify the SUP Shack DBA Bluet SUP if they have any medical conditions or do not have strong swim skills. The SUP Shack is not responsible for any activities or injury that may occur while participating in Stand Up Paddle Boarding activities. The client is responsible for being in good health before attempting any activities pertaining to Stand Up Paddle Boarding with the SUP Shack DBA Bluet SUP.

1. Pictures may be used on all Bluet SUP social media sites and website. You must notify Bluet SUP at the time of the lesson if you do not want your pictures to be published.
2. If you do not show up for your lesson or event you forfeit your monies.
Credit will be issued due to cancellations for bad weather.
3. You must return all equipment and will be responsible for any damage or lost equipment.
4. Pulling the life vest cord for non emergency costs $50.00
4. $25.00 for 60 minutes $40.00 for 2 hours
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