Maker Faire Helsinki 2012
<b>Finnish hackerspaces</b> ( have discussed about organizing a <b>Maker Faire</b> ( -like event in Finland. In short this is an exhibition style event for all kinds of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hobbyists willing to present their projects, get new ideas, meet other similar minds or just see some really neat projects!

If you are somehow associated with the maker scene or you are a DIY hobbyist by yourself, we would like you to answer the following questions which will help us to continue with the planning of this event.

Do we need a Maker Faire Helsinki?
Are you interested in this kind of event? Can you see it happening in Finland?
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Would you like to participate in Maker Faire Helsinki?
If you are a DIY hobbyist by yourself or you are associated with a maker community (such as a hackerspace), would you like to participate the Maker Faire Helsinki and present your projects? If so, what kind of projects would you like to present?
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Additional suggestions?
Suggestions on who we should invite to be exhibitors, organizers, or sponsors? Suggestions for the venue? We would be happy to hear your opinions and take those into account.
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Your contact information
If you'd like to be contacted regarding this event, please leave your email address below.
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