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Form for new to me, new to kink or those wanting Me to be aware of important information.
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In session, do you wish to feel powerless and submissive the entire time? (if so, you probably identify as a submissive) *
Do you wish to try a kinky act where I help you explore, but you are not necessarily deeply submissive to Me? (If yes, you are probably not submissive but more of a fetishist or a bottom) *
Does the thought of me snapping My fingers and telling you to do tasks for me such as cleaning excite you? Do you have a strong desire to be ordered around via tasks? (If yes, you probably identify as a slave) *
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What are your limits based on what you know about yourself at this moment. What health concerns should I keep in mind? Check all that apply. *
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Elaborate on details above. Write about yourself, your goals and any important information pertaining to the session we will have. *
References: Name a few Mistresses you have seen in the past and their websites. Some sessions require references.
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