CUSD Application Spring 2019
Please submit this application by Wednesday, January 30th at 11:59pm if you would like to be considered for Cornell University Sustainable Design's Spring 2019 recruitment process.

Learn more about CUSD and its projects here:

Projects not yet featured on our website are the following -- OSPRI, AquaCulture, REAL, Coronado and the Pilot Program which are outlined below:

OSPRI: This semester, OSPRI aims to complete our decision matrix and provide the National Zoo with a comprehensive analysis on the best alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. We would also be participating in the Zoo’s annual Earth Day celebration - Earth Optimism Day, where we would be conducting outreach about our project. Please contact Zeyu Hu ( for more information.

AquaCulture: In collaboration with Shoals Marine Laboratory, this project focuses on providing accessible, sustainable, and environmentally conscious options to the fishing industry through marine aquaculture. The goal of this project is to design and build an aquaculture module that can maintain multiple different species and withstand the turbulence of open waters. This project will rely on a combination of biological study of marine species and mechanical engineering principles to build a module that is efficient and effective. Please contact Ria Singh ( for more information.

REAL: Somehow we have to figure out how we are going to feed the rapidly growing population of the world. Producing food requires water and nutrients. Maximizing the efficiency of using these resources moves us as much as possible towards a sustainable future. Aquaponics integrates conventional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic arrangement and addresses resource and environmental issues, showing extremely high production efficiency when compared to traditional agriculture in the use of water nutrients, and yield per unit area. At Cornell, we have shown that aquaponic conditions are capable of generating comparable yields to mineral based hydroponic systems and it allows us to claim organically grown. Growing plants and fish year round in a northern environment moves us in the direction of controlled environment agriculture or CEA. CEA can be highly capital intensive where we control the inside environment to ideal growing conditions year round or we can build structures that ‘modify’ the environment that allows us to extend the growing season. Please contact Kevin Reigner ( for more information.

Coronado: This will be Coronado's first semester as a CUSD project. This term we'll be accessing the feasibility of building renewable energy sites at various National Guard bases. This effort is meant to align the National Guard's commitment to safety & security with a commitment to fighting climate change. We're seeking 2-3 passionate students for this research-stage project. Please contact TJ Ball ( for more information.

The CUSD Pilot Program is an intensive one-semester program that will immerse 20 highly-motivated first-year students in the world of CUSD. The program is designed to both promote group bonding among the cohort and prepare the class with the background knowledge and technical skills necessary to contribute to the team of their choice. Once accepted, recruits will be assigned a mentor within CUSD and participate in the new member development to aide their acclimation to CUSD culture. Please contact Kevin Reigner ( for more information.

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