Proposal to Host ASN Annual Conference
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Regional Retreats are one-two day professional development events. Regional Retreat Proposals should be completed using this form. *
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Leadership (main contact and teams) for the conference, including names, addresses, email address, and phone numbers *
Write a brief description of why you should be considered to host the ASN National Conference. *
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Please suggest a theme and a description of content (preferably related to the theme). Discuss how they respond to the mission of ASN and the purpose of the annual conference. *
Please provide a list of potential keynote or guest speakers, presenters, and sessions, as well as partnering schools and cultural institutions. *
CONFERENCE ONLY: Propose 3-5 small performance groups and visual arts exhibitions, as well as a culminating performance and exhibition at a site with capacity for at least 500 attendees. Note: Participating schools are responsible for the associated costs with their performances. In addition, you should include rental fees for performing venues in your proposed budget; they will not be covered by ASN.
Describe the location of the host campus and partner venues, proximity to airport, and information about the surrounding area. *
Describe local transportation and rates in the conference area, including buses, taxi availability, subways, etc. Please include transportation rates to/from airports. *
Describe the campus and any off-campus venues for the conference, including concert halls, theaters, auditoriums, etc., for opening events, and receptions space(s). We encourage collaborative hosting. *
Describe accommodations for the following conference segments, and include associated costs and fees for each individual service. Note any anticipated limitations due to construction, etc.
Lecture room/auditorium; minimum capacity 300, preferably more. *
Breakout rooms: six or more for education sessions; capacity from 30 to 100. Include photos of sample rooms (smallest and largest rooms) in an appendix. *
Pre- and Post-conference/institute workshop rooms; capacity from 30 to 100 people. *
Technology and support staff for presentations (computers, projectors, PowerPoint, AV equipment, and WIFI Internet access throughout conference. *
Exhibit space for 25 exhibitors and six-foot tables. Indicate time duration for use.
Describe food service capabilities and associated costs and fees (per person) for each individual service:
Breakfasts, Breaks, Lunch *
Receptions *
HOTEL: The host will provide blocks of rooms in hotels close to the arts and cultural districts, as well as a variety of restaurants. Seattle rates were $209+; Dallas in 2016 are $159+. Provide hotel names, locations, rates and additional fees (parking, taxes, etc.)After host selection, ASN will sign the contract directly with the hotel. *
TOURS: Propose an itinerary for the Bus Tour of arts schools, organizations, and arts venues. *
Describe how you can provide the following services.
Describe how your institution will coordinate the conference, including accommodations, registration, and space allocation (dining and meeting). *
Planning committee and support staff to meet weekly with ASN leadership *
Conference Program (include design, formatting, printing, and delivery)
Conference package assembly (packages usually include such items as T-shirts, lanyards, name tags, water bottles, and tote bags provided by ASN members)Your answer *
On-site registration
Creation and hosting of a conference web site
Signage as needed
Meeting room, tech support, and catering for board meeting Friday 1-5pm
Security fees (sometimes charged for late-night hospitality areas)
Event Photographer, who will make images available online *
Include associated costs for each individual service in the budget chart. Please use the RFP budget template to summarize your budget. Email to *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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