Door to Door Sales Survey
The City of Edmonton's Neighbourhood Empowerment Team is interested in hearing about the experiences Edmontonians who are 55+ have had with door to door sales in the city. Contact Connie Marciniuk at or 780-975-3921 if you have any questions or would like to provide additional feedback not captured in the survey.
Have you experienced a salesperson coming to your door and trying to sell you energy/utility related goods or services?
Was the individual attempting to sell any of the following goods/services?
How comfortable were you with the approach the salesperson used?
Can you describe any of the sales tactics you may have noticed the salesperson using? For example called you prior to coming, suggested they were offering a free product/service, attempted to sell a lesser valued product first, made multiple attempts to enter your home, incorrectly representing themselves as being from a recognized utility provider, etc.
Your answer
Are you aware that the Alberta Government changed the law (Fair Trade Act) to address aggressive door-to-door sales of energy/utility related products as of January 1, 2017.
Rate how confident you are to say 'no' a salesperson when you are not interested in their product/service.
Do any of the following affect your confidence level?
Being home alone
Feeling isolated from my neighbours
Not feeling comfortable saying 'no'
Not understanding the legislation related to door-to-door sales
Feeling obligated to hear their entire sales pitch
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