Heroes Blade Player Survey
Thank you for participating in our player survey! We greatly value your input as we continually strive to improve the experience of our players in Heroes Blade. The entire survey will take less than 2 minutes to complete (we timed it)!
Occupation Level
Residing Region
Which Social Network(s) do you actively use?
Gaming Habits and Preferences
Which kind of mobile gamer are you?
Which platform(s) do you game most on?
What game genre(s) do you enjoy the most?
Have you played any of the following mobile game titles?
Please list your favorite mobile games.
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How do you find out about the next Mobile Game to play?
Heroes Blade Experience
How did you first hear about Heroes Blade?
Which in-game event(s) do you enjoy the most?
How often do you play Heroes Blade?
Have you purchased any Diamond Packs?
What influenced your decision in making a Diamond Purchase?
Do you keep up-to-date with Heroes Blade news?
What Team Level are you currently in Heroes Blade?
Out of a score of 5, how would you rate Heroes Blade?
Areas of improvement needed:
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