Creative Boot Camp New York
Join us for a 4-day workshop style challenge with Microsoft.

Being “at work” doesn’t mean a traditional office setting for billions of people. Teamwork occurs between people separated by great distances, time zones, and language barriers. Creativity occurs on retail floors, in hospitals, and, on manufacturing floors in new ways with AI and mixed reality. But, a mismatch between the evolving needs of people, and, the products, services, and, environments available exists.

Where is exclusion found today in the desk less workforce? How do we build technology that augments human creativity and teamwork? How can we learn from diversity to create software, hardware, and/or physical environments that work well for the widest number of people?

Microsoft and the One Club for Creativity developed a 4-day Inclusive Design process including problem-framing, co-creation, insights, concepts, evaluation and videos/stories with 40+ students from the NY Area. This challenge will have an added element – to create a marketing campaign for the idea. Participants are chosen through a rigorous selection process and placed into curated teams of 3-4 based on skillset, background, and university.

A group of judges will choose a first-place team to have an informational interview with Microsoft and sponsoring agency for an internship or entry level position.

Skillsets in interaction design, technology, architecture, urban planning, sociology, computer science, engineering, and, more are welcome to apply. To apply, please click to the next page.

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