Email system - Malone is migrating Faculty and Staff Email to Google from Exchange

Dear Malone Faculty and Staff:

Malone students and alumni have been utilizing Google Apps for Education since 2008. The Administration, in conjunction with the Information Technologies Department, has decided to move all faculty and staff to Google to both provide a more unified experience for the community as well as streamline our support for email, calendaring, and contacts.

Here are a few of the advantages to moving faculty and staff to Google Apps for Education:
*No more managing your email mailbox size. You can store as much email as you like; there is no maximum!
*You will be on the same system as students. That opens up possibilities for calendaring (namely appointment slots, free/busy info, and calendar invites) that were previously not available.
*Email distribution list archiving. No need to keep ‘faculty,’ ‘staff,’ and ‘community’ emails as they will all be available in the group archive for your reference.
*You can continue to utilize Outlook or use the web-based tools (or both!) to access your email, calendar, and contacts.
*Self-service checking of spam filters for missed messages.
*All system features are available via the web client.
*Additional end-user devices supported.
*Additional security for your email through 2-Factor authentication.

We are working on the many back-end details to successfully complete the transition between now and 30 June 2016. We need some information from you to help us plan the transition. Please fill out this short survey. Your information will help us help you better as we make the move.

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