Gate Access: Pre-Trip Report for Guests
VFGPA/BCWF members only!

When accompanied by a non-keyholder that is not a family member under a VFGPA/BCWF Family membership the Key-holder must complete this form for each trip, in advance, and include each guest. Everyone MUST be either a VFGPA member or BCWF member.

Key-holders do not need to complete this form for themselves each time - only if they are bringing guests. The $10 (each) guest pass is transferable and good for the year.
Email address *
Name of Keyholder *
Member Number of Keyholder (VFGPA or BCWF) *
Phone Number *
Invisible Witness Card Number (last 4 digits) *
Date of Trip *
Total Guests in Party *
Names of Guests (include VFGPA/BCWF member number) *
Plate# and Description of additional vehicles
By submitting this form, the Key-holder attests that each adult guest has read, understood, agreed to, and is compliant with the terms of the Timberwest Access Agreement in its entirety, and each minor is represented by an Adult with authority to sign on behalf of the minor. *
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