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Help us know which temples to make next. Submit your votes for temples you would actually purchase. Each temple takes us several hours to design, print tests and refine. We'd prefer to spend the time on temples people will actually get.

All dedicated temples are now complete, so we are working on announced and under construction temples. There may be differences in the final version, but we can at least make an attempt when a design is released.
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If you would like to be notified when we release a temple that you requested, we will do our best to notify you if you provide your email address below.
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Small Temples
Because people will likely search for the temple they want, here is a list of all the small temples which are already complete using the design found here https://www.templeflakes.com/collections/temples/products/small-temples-christmas-ornament

Adelaide Australia Temple, Asunción Paraguay Temple, Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple, Birmingham Alabama Temple, Bismarck North Dakota Temple, Brisbane Australia Temple, Ciudad Juárez México Temple, Columbia South Carolina Temple, Columbus Ohio Temple, Detroit Michigan Temple, Edmonton Alberta Temple, Fresno California Temple, Guadalajara México Temple, Halifax Nova Scotia Temple, Kona Hawaii Temple, Louisville Kentucky Temple, Medford Oregon Temple, Melbourne Australia Temple, Memphis Tennessee Temple, Montevideo Uruguay Temple, Montréal Québec Temple, Mérida México Temple, Nashville Tennessee Temple, Oaxaca México Temple, Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple, Palmyra New York Temple, Perth Australia Temple, Porto Alegre Brazil Temple, Raleigh North Carolina Temple, Regina Saskatchewan Temple, Reno Nevada Temple, San José Costa Rica Temple, Snowflake Arizona Temple, Spokane Washington Temple, St. Paul Minnesota Temple, Suva Fiji Temple, Tampico México Temple, Tuxtla Gutiérrez México Temple, Veracruz México Temple, Villahermosa México Temple, Winter Quarters Temple
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